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Don't just change your liner... Change your whole pool experience!


Turn mundane into fabulous

Learn how to take your pool from mundane to fabulous with Royal Pools RennovationsA vinyl liner pool is the only pool you can completely renovate… just because you want to! There are so many exciting enhancements you can make in addition to changing your pool’s interior finish. You can add stairs, a sundeck, benches and coves – all designed to retrofit any pool. It’s easy, affordable, and usually takes just a few days to complete.


 Getting in and getting out

Pool Remodel Pool Entry OptionsWe offer a plethora of retrofit entry systems that drop right into your existing pool. From a wedding cake step to straight steps that stretch the entire width of your pool. There’s very little that can’t be done. We can even put benches on your step!


More lounging options than you can imagine

We offer many options for adding Lounging Areas During Your Pool RemodelImagine a beautiful sundeck that allows you to hang out in just a few inches of water! Or a drop-in bench or cuddle cove in the deep end of the pool. Either are great as a rest stop for your little tadpoles just learning to swim or that special place to relax with a loved one.


Cantilever or coping... the finishing touch!

Cantilever Pool Coping for Pool RemodelingQuality and craftsmanship can be seen on the surface and we offer some exclusive features. Our Progressive Coping locks in your concrete or paver deck and provides a low-profile edge around the perimeter of your pool. Maybe you would like a more natural looking aesthetic? Cantilever decking would be your perfect option.


Choosing the perfect Interior Pool Finish™!

After you’ve chosen all the options you want in your remodeled pool, it’s time to choose your interior finish. We offer Interior Pool Finishes™ that provide upscale beauty and peace of mind for years to come. Our computer-aided drafting precision ensures an exact fit of your replacement pool finish, for any pool shape. Every surface is custom manufactured and aesthetically perfect.

Enhance your pool experience even more with these deluxe options!

Ask your pool builder about the several enhancements available to complete your pool remodel. The possibilities to add comfort and beauty are endless!


Installing New Colored Faceplates during your Pool Remodel to Add DetailColored Faceplates, Fittings & Main Drains

Color coordinate all the fittings and faceplates as well as your main drain so they blend into your pools interior finish.


Swimming Pool Handrails for Pool RennovationsDesigner Hand Rails

Consider stylish alternatives to traditional hand rails. It’s the details that make all the difference!


Pool Water Features for Pool Rebuilds and RennovationWater Features

Transform your pool environment with water features that squirt, bubble or flow. These features are pure fun and look great!


Pool Renovations - Pool LightingLighting

Turn on the lights and choose whatever color fits your mood at that moment, or for the entire evening. Lighting features create a whole new ambiance.


Add a Safety Cover to your Pool for Peace Of MindSafety Cover

While you’re upgrading your pool, protect your family with an attractive new safety cover, custom built for your pool.


Automatic Pool Sanitation Systems for Royal Inground PoolsAlternative Sanitizing Systems

Convert to low or non-chlorine system and make your pool water feel smooth and silky. A safer & easier way to sanitize your pool.


Swimming Pool Automation For Royal Inground Swimming PoolsControl Automation

Control your pools features from cleaning and heating to lighting all from your cell phone or tablet, or with the touch of a button on your wall mounted control panel.


Swimming Pool Heaters Extend Your Pool Season-Rennovate Your PoolHeaters

Extend your pool season and enjoy a refreshing  comfortable swim, whatever the weather.


Pumps for Royal Inground Swiimming PoolsVariable Speed Pumps

If you’re looking to reduce your pools monthly cost, a variable speed pump just might do the trick. These pumps are extremely quiet and the least expensive to operate.


Add A Robotic Pool Cleaner to Your Royal Inground PoolRobotic Cleaners

Spend more time enjoying your pool and let your robotic cleaner do all the work for you. They clean everywhere keeping your pool surface spotless.


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Pool Renovations Brochure

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